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          christmas lunch day! tremendous thanks to team for another festive and delicious christmas lunch. students were able to enjoy the christmas festivities secure in their bubbles. //t.co/zdpx6kmjtj


          library news: congratulations to everyone who entered the christmas jumper competition, the library had a phenomenal response. here are the winning entries //t.co/11awwrw42w


          the highly anticipated top 10. 10th place: santa is coming to the best school in town. well done emily, 9l 🎅 //t.co/zwkb5xexb9


          due to the current unprecedented times, our usual post-16 information evening will be replaced with a virtual event on tuesday, 12 january 2021 and more information will be available shortly on how to book onto this evening on our dedicated page //t.co/tdteea31o6 //t.co/bmqspmvg5u


          on the seventh day of christmas... //t.co/hj1iauqxah //t.co/q16vc20igd


          reminder: tomorrow is christmas lunch, therefore no alternative food will be available to purchase. if students have not already paid for christmas lunch, please remember to bring in packed lunch. //t.co/bcpzwamaor


          term dates: reminder school will be closed between 21 december 2020 and 1 january 2021. please note monday, 4 january 2021 is staff inset. we look forward to welcoming students back tuesday, 5 january 2021 //t.co/gw92ndtsl4


          year 12 reminder: online booking for year 12 parents' evening opens tomorrow wednesday, 9 december at 1pm. see letter's home for parents' guide to booking appointments //t.co/ufgneduzpl //t.co/td8omq4rtf


          the final entry before we reveal the top 10, a snowy scene from madeleine, 9a. a huge congratulations once again to all students who made it through to the advent countdown ❄️ //t.co/3vifxx0mpe


          on the sixth day of christmas... //t.co/hj1iauqxah //t.co/fnqlaidyaw


          we cannot invite you to a formal ceremony this year, but we are very excited to still be able to present to you the annual sjl prize giving. look out for link to our virtual event next week //t.co/hbhvzpqerg


          year 13 reminder: this evening is the year 13 parents' evening. parents guide can be found on the school website //t.co/e1d48ggzcj we welcome any feedback on the new parents’ evening system, any queries please email parentsevening.herts.sch.uk //t.co/3tzyp1ogr2


          a reminder: we're looking forward to our christmas lunch on wednesday - but don't forget no other food will be available from the dining room that day. //t.co/qbtx0hr0uu


          splashes of festive green and red for card 10 in our countdown, from jasmine, 8k //t.co/7snwy2sq84


          alas this year's christmas form decorating competition has been postponed, so instead we want to spread some festive cheer by way of supporting christmas present appeal 2020 //t.co/spdt91f8rr //t.co/wj37s9puxd


          on the fifth day of christmas... //t.co/hj1iauqxah //t.co/ipbevnyq62


          thought for the week: gratitude //t.co/uqlwohjhid


          stocking surprise with superb shading from ellie, 11a //t.co/vmdtctcfgz


          christmas card countdown continues with a creative collage from leiah, 9k 🦌 //t.co/vdk3mysvrf


          a rosy trio by lily, 9k for today's christmas card entry //t.co/m7scrprhhn


          this week's newsletter out today, the last newsletter of the year before our bumper end of term newsletter in two weeks time... //t.co/kvwmewxacp //t.co/2qnpaa6p7n


          on the fourth day of christmas... //t.co/hj1iauqxah //t.co/tqsxzoaaij


          thank you once again to croft farm for their generous donation of our christmas tree. thanks to will for helping to decorate it with festive cheer //t.co/6bhezqvxjg


          we cannot wait for a time when the ace productions are back! //t.co/es21tqwhqz


          year 12 parents' evening will be taking place as planned on wednesday, 6 january, with all appointments held remotely via video call. more information about how to book using our online system will be sent out via edulink in due course //t.co/k7enikwk3c


          christmas countdown continues with a creative collage from lewis, 7b //t.co/f8dwex4rs0


          on the third day of christmas... //t.co/gv8rpp0t1y //t.co/m0vnd3goqs


          some excellent models being made by year 7 students in science - well done jacob and charlie! //t.co/trwbynu9pr


          retweeted from scholars' education trust

          we're hiring! scholars' education trust are seeking a finance business partner to join their centralised finance team. do you have a finance background? interested? for more information and to apply //t.co/hflniqzzvp . . //t.co/kuvm0ojobr


          a christmas surprise from sophia, 8k //t.co/nmvajcawbo


          year 11 begin their study leave tomorrow, thursday 3 december. good luck to all our students taking their mock examinations, remember these are good practice for the real thing, an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses. year 11 - you have got this! //t.co/cu24lqvjan


          on the second day of christmas... //t.co/hj1iauqxah //t.co/g806ll9ws2


          celebrating 2020 in festive fashion an entry in the christmas card advent from sarah, 10r //t.co/nuragwiqzt


          ❄️ proudly present "12 musical days of christmas" //t.co/ule1oqgxru //t.co/phm2hxxbxk


          just a reminder that the deadline for the library's christmas jumper competition is friday 4 december //t.co/c7es1hm7oo


          a festive feline in today's christmas card advent from lily, 9r //t.co/iyttpyhchj


          thought for the week: climate change //t.co/temmnbgczm

          careers education and guidance

          in 2016, the careers department at sir john lawes school gained the ‘investor in careers quality standard’ and is currently undergoing reaccreditation.

          the award reflects a commitment to achieving all 8 of the gatsby benchmarks, as highlighted as the indicator for good quality careers provision in the department for education’s careers strategy, dec 2017.

          it is hope that reaccreditation will be achieved by december 2019.

          the gatsby benchmarks:

          1. a stable careers programme. every school and college should have an embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by students, parents, teachers, governors and employers.
          2. learning from career and labour market information. every student, and their parents, should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. they will need the support of an informed adviser to make best use of available information.
          3. addressing the needs of each student. students have different career guidance needs at different stages. opportunities for advice and support need to be tailored to the needs of each student. a school’s careers programme should embed equality and diversity considerations throughout.
          4. linking curriculum learning to careers. all teachers should link curriculum learning with careers. stem subject teachers should highlight the relevance of stem subjects for a wide range of future career paths.
          5. encounters with employers and employees. every student should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. this can be through a range of enrichment activities including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes.
          6. experiences of workplaces. every student should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their networks.
          7. encounters with further and higher education. all students should understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. this includes both academic and vocational routes and learning in schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace.
          8. personal guidance. every student should have opportunities for guidance interviews with a career adviser, who could be internal (a member of school staff) or external, provided they are trained to an appropriate level. these should be available whenever significant study or career choices are being made.



          students across all year groups are offered access to careers guidance, upon request, and all year 11 students have a one-to-one careers interview. 
          in addition, drop-in sessions are offered on tuesday, wednesday and thursday lunchtime, in the careers office, located in the library.


          follow us on twitter @sjlcareers for the very latest recruitment information, advice and guidance.
          the school has been awarded the full quality standard award for careers provision, and in 2016 won the herts chamber of commerce award in the category for 'education in employment'. 
          if you would like to find out more about careers and employability at sir john lawes school or if you are interested in providing support, please do contact mrs j power

          careers programme

          year 7

          • adapting to a new community– ‘my new school’ transition unit in life skills
          • 'shadow a parent at work day' is encouraged during the autumn term occasional day

          year 8

          • real game in life skills lessons
          • options unit in life skills lessons
          • access to guidance with youth connexions and careers co-ordinator
          • spring term options evening with access to careers advisers and resources - for students and parents
          • group work with youth connexions during the option process.
          • on-line research through programmes such as kudos, cascaid and channel mogo during life skills lessons.
          • formal introduction to the careers library and resources
          • access to individual, impartial careers guidance through yc herts

          year 9

          • careers lessons in life skills to support the options work in year 8
          • access to guidance with youth connexions and careers co-ordinator
          • spring term options evening with access to careers advisers and resources - for students and parents
          • targeted students interviewed by youth connexions
          • access to careers library
          • access to individual, impartial careers guidance through yc herts

          year 10

          • week block work placement for all students – summer term
          • preparation for work experience during life skills lessons
          • access to guidance with youth connexions and careers co-ordinator
          • targeted students interviewed by youth connexions
          • lunch time drop-in sessions throughout the year
          • access to careers library
          • further exploration of careers websites
          • access to individual, impartial careers guidance through yc herts

          year 11

          • careers unit taught in life skills lessons covering employment trends, cvs, post 16 options, interview preparation, career exploration, rights and responsibilities in the work place, personal statements, and labour market information
          • impartial, individual guidance interviews for all students through yc herts
          • post 16 information evening – with the opportunity for students and parents to speak to post 16 providers, including local colleges
          • morrisby career profiling service available
          • apprenticeship information sessions for students and parents
          • lunch time drop-in sessions with youth connexions throughout the year
          • work related learning programmes available for targeted students
          • careers day with input from sixth form students, local employers and fe colleges
          • on line career exploration through life skills lessons including programmes such as cascaid, kudos, channel mogo, my career springboard, ucas
          • unlimited access to careers library

          sixth form

          • careers unit delivered through general studies and enrichment lessons
          • one week block work placement in year 12
          • ucas preparation through enrichment studies
          • student mentoring
          • access to individual, impartial careers guidance through yc herts
          • apprenticeship evening for students and parents
          • careers fair with employer representatives
          • youth connexions and apprenticeships sessions for non-university students
          • morrisby profiling and interview sessions
          • employer visits during assemblies and enrichment lessons
          • labour market information lessons
          • introduction to the national careers service

          measuring impact of careers programme

          the school measures the impact of careers education and guidance through the following methods and procedures:

          • evaluation of work experience programmes in year 10 and year 12 (students, staff and employers)
          • evaluation of curriculum careers programmes (students and staff)
          • evaluation of yc herts guidance interviews (students)
          • evaluation of in-school guidance interviews (students)
          • evaluation of external careers provision delivered by yc herts (slt and head of careers)
          • formal faculty review of life skills incorporating careers education lessons (slt)
          • careers fair evaluation (students and employers)
          • parental survey on careers provision (parents)
          • evaluation of apprenticeship events (students, parents and employers)
          • destination data tracking (yc herts and head of careers)

          date of next review

          the school will next review the information published in september 2021


          policy and procedures

          useful links

          work experience

          planning ahead - year 10 and year 12 work experience 2021 

          all year 10 and year 12 students will participate in a one-week block work placement in the summer term of 2021. 

          the dates for work experience in 2021 are as follows:

          • year 12:  monday 24 may - friday 28 may 2021
          • year 10:  monday 28 june - friday 2 july 2021

          year 10

          • a 5 day work placement for all year 10 students in july of each year.
          • the programme is co-ordinated in conjunction with herts chamber of commerce and industry (hcci).
          • commonly, the placements are a combination of around 120 sourced privately and 60 sourced via hhci.
          • prior to the week of work placement, a series of preparation lessons take place in school.
          • during the week students are visited by the year 10 tutor team to monitor progress and offer support.
          • progress is also monitored through the school liaising with the placement supervisor.
          • students review the work experience and write letters of thanks to their employer.
          • the work experience programme is seen to develop the key skills required for the work place, such as communication, group work, reliability, initiative and self-confidence
          • the experience receives favourable reviews form students, parents and employers.
          • the process is linked to to a careers unit of work within the key stage 4 life skills curriculum which revolves around job applications and expectations in the workplace.

          year 10 private placement form

          year 12

          • one week block work placement in year 12 was introduced in 2018

          year 12 private placement form

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