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          You kept those safe! //t.co/gDxws6xy6M


          Retweeted From SJLScience

          : Visit the Large Hadeon Collider in CERN and complete a range of activities to enthuse you all about particle physics! //t.co/b1gkNMOzIQ & //t.co/r9J7iKLpVT


          Retweeted From SJL Ecoschools

          A great day clearing the raised beds to prepare for the new school year! Socially distanced horticulture at its finest! //t.co/lHB2WUDoRS


          Well done! //t.co/QM2jdusPNl


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          Getting your results this summer? Have a look at our new Student Guide available on our website - //t.co/yutdDsMKPG //t.co/Kc7DyJlWFH


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          What a great way to start the week! - We've had some more wonderful letters from our Campaign Champions to their MP's and some very promising responses - special shout out to Anjali and Anneka! 💫👏 💚🌍


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          Science in summer week 2 - remember to anything you get up to! //t.co/uQTJ1QlcS0 have loads of experiments you can do at home!


          Thank you! //t.co/y2whK4Lu5A


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          - Discovering Take a journey through this site and begin discovering Antarctica for yourself. Each section features activities, images, video clips and fact sheets, to help you learn about this distant, frozen wilderness. //t.co/5u3ijFp1yL


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          Students interested in Medicine or Dentistry should visit this website: : //t.co/ru7utMZQXG


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          We are immensely proud of all our students and staff for their dedication, adapting to these extraordinary times. Thank you to all members of the SET community for their support, commitment and hard work over this last term. We look forward to busy schools, full of students soon! //t.co/g5cCr74lrK


          Retweeted From SJL 6th Form

          Perrin Myddelton Essay Competition After careful consideration from Year 12 Form Tutors , Ms Robins and a representative from Perrin Myddelton, the winners are: 1st Charlotte Sweeney 2nd Jay Colston- Patel 3rd Justine Jing Many congratulations to all


          Thank you to all members of the SJL community for their support over this last term. We are immensely proud of all our students and staff for their dedication, adapting to these extraordinary times. We look forward to having a school full of students and staff once again. //t.co/GFMAHo5Tms


          Our bumper end of year newsletter is out now... //t.co/ejjebQfvcr //t.co/wmCrXfbP6I


          Thank you! //t.co/2iOxudsE4I


          Important communication has now been issued to all parents/carers via EduLink regarding September 2020 return to school. Please read and retain. //t.co/pUWt06sQTf


          Retweeted From SJLScience

          On SMHW we have launched the "Science over the Summer" project to all year groups - if you do anything involving science over the break then tag us here! () Awards will be given out in September to those who complete some scientific activities! Enjoy the break!


          Retweeted From SJLdrama

          The final cut has been made and what an entertaining and thought provoking record of lockdown it is! Well done to all the KS 3 contributors and to Miss Woolrych and Mr Fletcher who produced and edited it! The link is in the end of term newsletter!#dramamatters //t.co/dHjL5WW8tF


          Wellbeing Wednesday: talk //t.co/9BpTdb4JW7


          We want to give students coming back into Yrs 10 & 12 advance notice of work experience dates for next year, so they can begin to source a placement over the summer break, should they wish to. Private placement forms can be found on school website //t.co/4nI9D9qtzV //t.co/24Zm78gCK7


          As thoughts turn to the 2020/21 academic year, we are delighted to announce the new Heads of School //t.co/Cyz4U82nso


          Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year’s virtual event. Well done Hepworth House on their victory. //t.co/hwnmFHZo1b


          Retweeted From Arv Kaushal

          9am today on we have Claire Robins OBE of discussing how research can be used to drive innovation & improvement. Follow to join the discussion Register in advance for this webinar: //t.co/ydAH53JoJr //t.co/RJW29vN1yL


          Thought for the Week: Listening to and learning from others //t.co/IdHrW96cyN


          Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

          Final day for Virtual Sports Day entries! They’ve been flooding in all day, don’t be the one to miss out and represent your house with pride 🔴🟡🟢🟠⚪️🔵🟣


          No newsletter today, look out for bumper end of term newsletter next week. We will also bring you the Summer Concert before the end of term, lots to look forward to.


          This may be of interest to students in years 11 & 13 //t.co/lmlYF5Z2H9


          For Year 11 and 13 students: On Friday 10 July at 10am, the Prime Minister will be giving an address to all school leavers which will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. A recording of the address will be available to view on both platforms. //t.co/d03EahBhMV


          Retweeted From SJLdrama

          Today we would have performed our Lower School Production to local primary schools. Although it’s sad that we were unable to stand on the stage, Mr Fletcher is working tirelessly to edit your ‘Together Alone’ footage and we’re excited to share it with you all next week 🎭


          Rotary in Harpenden are pleased to announce the local heat of the Rotary National Photography Competition, a fantastic photography activity for students in the summer break .. //t.co/JamCUX9kJa


          Wellbeing Wednesday: focus //t.co/5Xffnbr7Sc


          Joining us in September 2020? Staff are busy preparing equipment packs ready for collection in September. //t.co/SLzb333hNW


          Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

          The Staff aren’t shy either! Check out our Instagram account to see their efforts, big shoutout to Mrs Brookes the multi-eventer //t.co/uSm3K5sHgT


          Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

          Virtual Sports Day is happening all this week and the students have already been trying all the different events. If you haven’t... GET INVOLVED //t.co/dRY76cHCrp


          Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

          Don’t let the SJL Virtual Sports Day pass you by! It only takes a few minutes to try some of the events and represent your House. Deadline for entries Friday 10th //t.co/TGJnAjMQL4


          Joining us in September 2020? Keep alert for emails coming out this week with important updates. //t.co/zgnvtZ3lUI


          Retweeted From Crabtree Junior School

          Our fabulous ex-Crabtree pupils are here to talk to the year 6 children about life in secondary school Lovely to see ex pupils talk so confidently & a great boost for our year 6 before their transition to their new schools //t.co/PBgKRuz1Uz


          Dates for September 2020 return* are now available on school website //t.co/nCY6jzqOec (*subject to Government guidelines) //t.co/liQhN5SGUR


          This week's assembly with the theme Control and Influence was delivered to students by Mr Walton "we can decide how we respond to the challenges we face." //t.co/8WERBv0zG8


          Thought for the Week: Trusting each other Word of the Week: Fac //t.co/EW1avk0oCV

          Student School Life

          Useful things to know

          Here you can find out about life at Sir John Lawes and access information that will help you to settle in quickly.


          There are lots of really interesting assemblies for you to attend. These are held on a rota basis.

          Assemblies 2017-2018

          Breaks and lunchtimes

          At lunchtime students can do one of the following:

          a) Stay at school and have a school meal

          b) Stay at school and have a packed lunch in the school canteen or sandwich areas.

          We encourage as many students as possible to buy a school lunch as the food is good, nutritional and the kitchen staff are excellent. We operate a cafeteria system. Items are priced individually or as 'meal deals' and may be purchased as in any other cafeteria.

          Students in Years 7-11 are not allowed to leave the school site at lunchtime.

          Finding your way around

          A school map is given to all new students but if you do get lost there is always someone to help you.


          School map

          Homework club

          There is an after-school homework club in the library where you may do your homework. Anyone can go. You do not have to go every day but you can if you want to. The homework club opens at 3.30pm and closes at 5.00pm. The assistant librarian and a member of the Learning Support Team will be there every day to help you with your work.

          This is a great opportunity to use the computers and printers and to get advice from staff on how best to complete your homework.

          "If you ever get stuck with homework ask your teacher who set it, they will help you because every teacher here is kind and helpful."
          Neena M


          Every member of the SJL community, students and staff, as well being in a tutor group and a year group, belongs to a House. The Houses, Austen, Britten, Hepworth, King, Lawes, Newton and Ryder, are all named after leaders in their field, strivers, achievers and positive role models.

          As House members all students have a wide range of opportunities to work together and ‘compete’ against other students, the other Houses and even against themselves, earning House points in the process. Visit our pages about the House system to find out more.


          The SJL iPlanner contains all the information you require to become an independent learner.

          SJL iPlanner 2018/19

          SJL 6th Form iPlanner 2018/19


          The Library is open from 8.40am until 5.00pm. It has many books to help with your work at school as well as books for pleasure. There is also a computer room for you to use during break time, lunchtime and after school.

          You will be given your own library card, this can be used to take books, videos and DVDs home.

          Mrs Prickett and Ms Ellis work in the library, they are responsible for the amazing selection of books and resources.

          Medical room

          If you feel unwell at school then you should report to reception.

          Your parents may also be contacted by the school office if necessary. If you require any form of medication then this would have been handed in to reception by your parents so that you can take it as and when required along with the following completed form.

          Parental agreement medicine form

          School day

          The school day consists of six taught lessons each of 50 minutes, as well as two registrations, plus an assembly.

          The timetable is as follows:

          8.40 am Students should be in form rooms ready for registration
          8.40-8.50am Registration
          8.50-9.40am Period 1
          9.40-10.30am Period 2
          10.30-10.50am Break time
          10.50-11.40am Period 3
          11.40am-12.30pm Period 4
          12.30-1.25pm Lunchtime
          1.30-1.50pm Afternoon registration
          1.50-2.40pm Period 5
          2.40-3.30pm Period 6

          School rules


          The School Code is printed within the information given in the Home-School agreement and is designed to act as a code of conduct for learning and behaviour for all students. It will also be made very clear to you what you should or should not be doing.


          Whilst we prefer to reinforce positive behaviour, there are occasions when sanctions are needed if students do not behave.

          Students may receive break, lunchtime or after-school detentions for failing to meet the standards of the ACE.

          For more serious offences or failure to attend previously set detentions a Senior Management Team Detention for up to two hours can be set on a Friday after school.

          Forbidden items

          The following items are not allowed in school: Walkmans, iPods, MP3 players, laser pens, weapons of any kind (including toy weapons), other items which the school deems dangerous or distracting, chewing gum, aerosols, tobacco, matches or lighters, alcohol, other drugs of any kind unless on prescription. If such items are found they will be confiscated and exclusion may result from their possession.

          Mobile phones

          Mobile phones can be kept in bags or lockers and switched off but will be confiscated, for parents to collect, if used on the school site.

          What to bring

          All students need a school bag that can carry their books and planners to, from and around school. Students may also need a draw string-bag to bring their PE kit into school on the days required.

          All students need a pencil case with pens, pencils including colouring pencils, sharpener, protractor and ruler. Please note that pencil cases taken into exam rooms need to be transparent.

          Travelling to school


          If you want to come to school by bicycle then your parents must first apply for and complete an application form which is available from the school reception.

          You will then be issued with a permit and must follow the rules that will be given to you. A secure bicycle rack is provided although you should bring a lock for your bike.

          For your own safety we strongly recommend that you wear a bicycle helmet.


          If you live in any of the following villages outside of Harpenden then a school bus is provided from Redbourn, Markyate, Flamstead; Whitwell, Kimpton and Breachwood Green.

          Public transport buses are available from Wheathampstead and Southdown and the places in between.

          We expect a very high standard of behaviour on the school bus from all our students.

          Tutor group

          The member of staff who will be most important to you during your time at Sir John Lawes will be your form tutor. He or she will see you at least twice every day, for registration, and will get to know you and help you to feel comfortable and safe during your time in school, so you can put all your effort into getting top results in your lessons.

          We plan our tutor groups very carefully, trying to create a healthy balance between putting new students with people they know and like from primary school and giving them the opportunity to make new friends.

          Your tutor group is a 'ready made' group of friends. There are inter-form and House competitions such as 'Decorate your Form room for Christmas'.

          Every tutor group elects form representatives to join the Year Council and could go on to be elected to join the Student Junior Leadership Team.


          It is important that students are always nice and smart and that they are wearing the correct school uniform. There are also some general rules about appearance and the other things that you are or are not allowed to wear. For more information about the correct school uniform please visit the school uniform pages.

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          Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now


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