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          You kept those safe! //t.co/gDxws6xy6M



          : Visit the Large Hadeon Collider in CERN and complete a range of activities to enthuse you all about particle physics! //t.co/b1gkNMOzIQ & //t.co/r9J7iKLpVT


          从SJL ecoschools转推

          A great day clearing the raised beds to prepare for the new school year! Socially distanced horticulture at its finest! //t.co/lHB2WUDoRS


          Well done! //t.co/QM2jdusPNl


          Retweeted From Ofqual

          让你的成绩在今年夏天?对我们的网站可以看看我们的新生指南 - //t.co/yutdDsMKPG //t.co/Kc7DyJlWFH



          What a great way to start the week! - We've had some more wonderful letters from our Campaign Champions to their MP's and some very promising responses - special shout out to Anjali and Anneka! 💫👏 💚🌍



          科学夏季每周2 - 记得 anything you get up to! //t.co/uQTJ1QlcS0 有实验,你可以在家里做负载!


          Thank you! //t.co/y2whK4Lu5A



          - Discovering Take a journey through this site and begin discovering Antarctica for yourself. Each section features activities, images, video clips and fact sheets, to help you learn about this distant, frozen wilderness. //t.co/5u3ijFp1yL



          有志于医学或牙科学生应该访问这个网站: //t.co/ru7utMZQXG



          We are immensely proud of all our students and staff for their dedication, adapting to these extraordinary times. Thank you to all members of the SET community for their support, commitment and hard work over this last term. We look forward to busy schools, full of students soon! //t.co/g5cCr74lrK



          佩兰米德尔顿征文比赛 After careful consideration from Year 12 Form Tutors , Ms Robins and a representative from Perrin Myddelton, the winners are: 1st Charlotte Sweeney 2nd Jay Colston- Patel 3rd Justine Jing 许多祝贺所有


          Thank you to all members of the SJL community for their support over this last term. We are immensely proud of all our students and staff for their dedication, adapting to these extraordinary times. We look forward to having a school full of students and staff once again. //t.co/GFMAHo5Tms


          我们今年的通讯的保险杠到底是出现在... //t.co/ejjebQfvcr //t.co/wmCrXfbP6I


          Thank you! //t.co/2iOxudsE4I


          Important communication has now been issued to all parents/carers via EduLink regarding September 2020 return to school. Please read and retain. //t.co/pUWt06sQTf



          On SMHW we have launched the "Science over the Summer" project to all year groups - if you do anything involving science over the break then tag us here! ()奖励将在九月一并送给那些谁完成一些科学活动!享受吧!


          Retweeted From SJLdrama

          The final cut has been made and what an entertaining and thought provoking record of lockdown it is! Well done to all the KS 3 contributors and to Miss Woolrych and Mr Fletcher who produced and edited it! The link is in the end of term newsletter!#dramamatters //t.co/dHjL5WW8tF


          健康星期三:谈话 //t.co/9BpTdb4JW7


          We want to give students coming back into Yrs 10 & 12 advance notice of work experience dates for next year, so they can begin to source a placement over the summer break, should they wish to. Private placement forms can be found on school website //t.co/4nI9D9qtzV //t.co/24Zm78gCK7


          作为思想转向二十一分之二千零二十零学年,我们很高兴地宣布,学校的新负责人 //t.co/Cyz4U82nso


          祝贺大家谁在今年的虚拟参加了会议。做得好赫普沃斯房子他们的胜利。 //t.co/hwnmFHZo1b


          从ARV kaushal转推

          9am today on 我们的克莱尔·罗宾斯OBE discussing how research can be used to drive innovation & improvement. Follow to join the discussion 提前注册该网络研讨会: //t.co/ydAH53JoJr //t.co/RJW29vN1yL


          认为本周:听取和学习他人 //t.co/IdHrW96cyN



          Final day for Virtual Sports Day entries! They’ve been flooding in all day, don’t be the one to miss out and represent your house with pride 🔴🟡🟢🟠⚪️🔵🟣


          没有通讯的今天,寻找出短期通讯的保险杠结束下周。我们也将为您带来 夏季音乐会学期结束前,看很多期待。


          This may be of interest to students in years 11 & 13 //t.co/lmlYF5Z2H9


          For Year 11 and 13 students: On Friday 10 July at 10am, the Prime Minister will be giving an address to all school leavers which will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. 地址的记录将可查看这两个平台上。 //t.co/d03EahBhMV


          Retweeted From SJLdrama

          Today we would have performed our Lower School Production to local primary schools. Although it’s sad that we were unable to stand on the stage, Mr Fletcher is working tirelessly to edit your ‘Together Alone’ footage and we’re excited to share it with you all next week 🎭


          Rotary in Harpenden are pleased to announce the local heat of the Rotary National Photography Competition, a fantastic photography activity for students in the summer break .. //t.co/JamCUX9kJa


          健康星期三:焦点 //t.co/5Xffnbr7Sc


          加入我们,在2020年9月?工作人员正忙着准备设备包在九月准备集合。 //t.co/SLzb333hNW



          工作人员都不能回避要么!看看我们的Instagram帐户 看到自己的努力,大大喊答题节目环节太太布鲁克斯多eventer //t.co/uSm3K5sHgT



          Virtual Sports Day is happening all this week and the students have already been trying all the different events. If you haven’t... GET INVOLVED //t.co/dRY76cHCrp



          Don’t let the SJL Virtual Sports Day pass you by! It only takes a few minutes to try some of the events and represent your House. Deadline for entries Friday 10th //t.co/TGJnAjMQL4


          加入我们,在2020年9月?保持警觉的电子邮件,本周走出来的重要更新。 //t.co/zgnvtZ3lUI



          我们的神话般的前克拉布特里学生在这里跟当年生活的6个孩子在中学 Lovely to see ex pupils talk so confidently & a great boost for our year 6 before their transition to their new schools //t.co/PBgKRuz1Uz


          日期2020年9月的回报*现在可在学校网站 //t.co/nCY6jzqOec (*受政府指导方针) //t.co/liQhN5SGUR


          This week's assembly with the theme Control and Influence was delivered to students by Mr Walton "we can decide how we respond to the challenges we face." //t.co/8WERBv0zG8


          想到一周:彼此信任 Word of the Week: Fac //t.co/EW1avk0oCV




          At SJL you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of subjects and activities. Sports, music, dance, art, drama, movie making, robotics and astronomy are some of the opportunities and experiences that are waiting for you at SJL.

          Leaving your primary school and moving to the new, much bigger world of secondary education can feel worrying and stressful. Our aim is to make all our new students feel welcome and safe so that you hit the ground running at the start of Year 7 and make a great start to what will hopefully be some of the best years of your life.

          If you are joining us from your primary school there is a special Induction Day when you can visit the school, meet all the new joiners, make new friends and try out some lessons! There is also an Induction Evening for parents when they can come to learn about Sir John Lawes, spend some time with members of staff and ask questions.

          If you are the only student joining from your primary school there is no need to worry. You are extremely important to us and you will also be given an extra opportunity to visit us on single joiners' day when you will get the opportunity to meet other students who are also the only ones joining from their schools.

          Transition Update 2020


          Moving schools can be worrying and stressful. Our aim is to make all our new students feel welcome and safe and to settle you in your new Form Group with a new timetable as quickly as we can. Before joining us you will be given the opportunity to visit the school with your parents/carers and meet your new head of year or another key member of the pastoral team. This will be an opportunity to ask questions and find out about life at Sir John Lawes School.


          A typical day at SJL

          Every school day you will meet your form tutor in the morning and at afternoon registration. You have six lessons of 50 minutes each in a wide range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, RE, ICT, PE, Music, Art and lots, lots more.

          Before school, break and lunchtime you can visit the school canteen for a hot or cold snack/meal and a drink. Lunchtimes can be very busy times with lots of clubs to join. It is also a good time to visit the library or to catch up with your new and existing friends.

          Homework club is held after school in the library where staff can help you with your homework. There are also lots of sporting activities for those of you who like sports and want to play in the school teams.


          Clubs and activities

          School isn’t just about hard work. It is about meeting new people, making friends and taking part in the activities that you enjoy the most.

          When you arrive at Sir John Lawes you will find that there are loads of lunchtime or after-school activities and clubs that you can join.

          Sporting teams and clubs include: football, rugby, basketball, hockey, netball, cross-country, athletics, cricket, rounders, tennis and gymnastics.

          If you are musical, you can audition for the school Concert Band, the Up and Coming Band and the Jazz Band. You can play in the Brass Band, Guitar Group, Strings Group as well as the Rock School. You can also join in with the Junior choir or sing in the Gospel or Soul Groups.



          You could also join the Debating Society, Junior Reading Group, the Formula 1 Maths Club or enjoy Design and Technology sessions.


          On top of all these activities you will enjoy a week at Little Canada on the Isle of Wight. You may also secure a place on the annual European Music trip or the skiing to Switzerland .

          If there is nothing here that excites you then a member of the Sixth Form is available to help you start your own club!

          First few weeks

          Who better to tell you all about it than our current Year 7s?  We asked them to write what they felt was important for Year 6 students to know.

          “Hi my name is Beth, I am so proud that I am part of SJL. I was scared at first but now I have made so many friends that I don’t need to worry. The best bit is the Immersion Days and at Christmas we decorated the form room. So don’t worry. ”

          “Hi my name is Digby. My old school was Grove Junior. Sir John Lawes is great, there are a lot of clubs and activities - I play the bass and I am in a band. The forms are great. You will love SJL. ”

          “Hi my name is Hannah. When I started at SJL back in September I was so nervous. I was scared I was going to get lost and not make any new friends! But now I am fine and SJL is full of great clubs and trips (Little Canada ) and you will make loads of friends and you get a map and timetable.

          “Hi my name is Ed. When I came to Sir John Lawes I was so scared that I was going to get lost but you find your way around quickly. I have made so many new friends and the sport is fantastic. ”


          Rewards & consequences

          At SJL we like to take every opportunity to celebrate students’ good performance. As well as positive feedback to individual students, displays of student work and celebrations in assembly we have a variety of ways that we recognise your hard work or achievement. If you want to find out more about this then visit the section of this site that talks about rewards.

          Tips to help you succeed



          • 采取在学校生活的各个方面全面和积极的作用。
          • 听和经验上下功夫。
          • 参加午餐时间或放学后的活动。
          • 做好功课,以完整的能力,并把它的时间。
          • 确保您按时到达学校,每年达到最低92%的上座率。
          • 挑战自己每学年学习新的爱好或涉足一个社区项目。

          When we challenge ourselves to do things that we find difficult or scary it helps us to grow in confidence and to grow as a person.


          Year 7: When you are at Little Canada you can challenge yourself to jump from the Leap of Faith (safely harnessed of course).

          Year 8: You can challenge yourself to join a school team or take part in a whole school activity such as a school production.

          Year 9: 你可以挑战自己筹集资金,为慈善机构或一个项目,你已经研究和/或帮助。

          Year 10: 你可以挑战自己,学习新技能。

          Year 11: 你可以挑战自己通过在一个或多个您的GCSE科目的两个等级超过预测档次。

          Life at Sir John Lawes will allow you to not only reach your full potential but to aim even higher than that and you will have a great time doing it.

          What the students say

          “最有趣的事情我都做打算小加拿大,你会很喜欢。 ”

          Max - Year 7

          “我已经安装在非常好,并取得了许多新朋友。我爱我的方式。 ”伯大尼 - 7年

          “我发现有很多新朋友,我感到非常高兴。 ”

          Claire - Year 7

          “When I came to the school I was scared and excited but I have never felt like that again. I have made lots of friends and I loved Little Canada . ”

          Emma - Year 7

          “My name is Paul, I came from High Beeches, when I came here I found out that I was the only one. I was quite scared that I wouldn’t make any friends but I did and I have made loads of them. ”

          Paul - Year 7

          “它真的很容易交朋友,也是老师都很好。 ”

          Henry - Year 7


          Harry - Year 7


          If you have a problem and you are not sure how to solve it then the best person to see in the first instance is your form tutor as they are the people that will know you best of all.

          Your Head of Year 或学生服务经理也可用来回答您的疑问或听您的问题。


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