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          Retweeted From SJLScience

          : Visit the Large Hadeon Collider in CERN and complete a range of activities to enthuse you all about particle physics! //t.co/b1gkNMOzIQ & //t.co/r9J7iKLpVT


          Retweeted From SJL Ecoschools

          A great day clearing the raised beds to prepare for the new school year! Socially distanced horticulture at its finest! //t.co/lHB2WUDoRS


          Well done! //t.co/QM2jdusPNl


          Retweeted From Ofqual

          Getting your results this summer? Have a look at our new Student Guide available on our website - //t.co/yutdDsMKPG //t.co/Kc7DyJlWFH


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          什么是伟大的方式开始新的一周! - 我们已经从我们的运动冠军更多精彩字母代表他们的议员的和一些非常有前途的回应 - 特别喊出ANJALI和anneka! 💫👏 💚🌍


          Retweeted From SJLScience

          Science in summer week 2 - remember to anything you get up to! //t.co/uQTJ1QlcS0 have loads of experiments you can do at home!


          Thank you! //t.co/y2whK4Lu5A


          Retweeted From SJLScience

          - Discovering 采取通过本网站的旅程,并开始为自己发现南极洲。各部分功能活动,图像,视频片段和事实表,以帮助您了解这个遥远的,冰冻的荒野。 //t.co/5u3ijFp1yL


          Retweeted From SJLScience

          Students interested in Medicine or Dentistry should visit this website: : //t.co/ru7utMZQXG


          Retweeted From Scholars' Education Trust

          We are immensely proud of all our students and staff for their dedication, adapting to these extraordinary times. Thank you to all members of the SET community for their support, commitment and hard work over this last term. We look forward to busy schools, full of students soon! //t.co/g5cCr74lrK


          Retweeted From SJL 6th Form

          Perrin Myddelton Essay Competition After careful consideration from Year 12 Form Tutors , Ms Robins and a representative from Perrin Myddelton, the winners are: 1st Charlotte Sweeney 2nd Jay Colston- Patel 3rd Justine Jing Many congratulations to all


          Thank you to all members of the SJL community for their support over this last term. We are immensely proud of all our students and staff for their dedication, adapting to these extraordinary times. We look forward to having a school full of students and staff once again. //t.co/GFMAHo5Tms


          Our bumper end of year newsletter is out now... //t.co/ejjebQfvcr //t.co/wmCrXfbP6I


          Thank you! //t.co/2iOxudsE4I


          Important communication has now been issued to all parents/carers via EduLink regarding September 2020 return to school. Please read and retain. //t.co/pUWt06sQTf


          Retweeted From SJLScience

          在smhw我们开展项目全年组“在今年夏天科学” - 如果你做任何涉及科学在休息那么这里我们标记! () Awards will be given out in September to those who complete some scientific activities! Enjoy the break!


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          晋级决赛已经做了什么的娱乐性和发人深省的锁定是记录!出色地完成所有的KS 3个贡献者和小姐woolrych和弗莱彻先生谁制作和编辑它!链接是在长期的通讯结束!#dramamatters //t.co/dHjL5WW8tF


          Wellbeing Wednesday: talk //t.co/9BpTdb4JW7


          We want to give students coming back into Yrs 10 & 12 advance notice of work experience dates for next year, so they can begin to source a placement over the summer break, should they wish to. Private placement forms can be found on school website //t.co/4nI9D9qtzV //t.co/24Zm78gCK7


          As thoughts turn to the 2020/21 academic year, we are delighted to announce the new Heads of School //t.co/Cyz4U82nso


          Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year’s virtual event. Well done Hepworth House on their victory. //t.co/hwnmFHZo1b


          Retweeted From Arv Kaushal

          9am today on we have Claire Robins OBE of discussing how research can be used to drive innovation & improvement. Follow to join the discussion Register in advance for this webinar: //t.co/ydAH53JoJr //t.co/RJW29vN1yL


          Thought for the Week: Listening to and learning from others //t.co/IdHrW96cyN


          Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

          Final day for Virtual Sports Day entries! They’ve been flooding in all day, don’t be the one to miss out and represent your house with pride 🔴🟡🟢🟠⚪️🔵🟣


          No newsletter today, look out for bumper end of term newsletter next week. We will also bring you the Summer Concert before the end of term, lots to look forward to.


          This may be of interest to students in years 11 & 13 //t.co/lmlYF5Z2H9


          对于一年11和13名学生:上周五7月10日上午10时,总理将是给一个地址给所有学校毕业生,这将在Facebook和YouTube播出。 A recording of the address will be available to view on both platforms. //t.co/d03EahBhMV


          Retweeted From SJLdrama

          Today we would have performed our Lower School Production to local primary schools. Although it’s sad that we were unable to stand on the stage, Mr Fletcher is working tirelessly to edit your ‘Together Alone’ footage and we’re excited to share it with you all next week 🎭


          哈彭登旋转很高兴地宣布旋转全国摄影大赛的局部热敷,让学生在暑假一个梦幻般的摄影活动.. //t.co/JamCUX9kJa


          Wellbeing Wednesday: focus //t.co/5Xffnbr7Sc


          Joining us in September 2020? Staff are busy preparing equipment packs ready for collection in September. //t.co/SLzb333hNW


          Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

          The Staff aren’t shy either! Check out our Instagram account to see their efforts, big shoutout to Mrs Brookes the multi-eventer //t.co/uSm3K5sHgT


          Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

          Virtual Sports Day is happening all this week and the students have already been trying all the different events. If you haven’t... GET INVOLVED //t.co/dRY76cHCrp


          Retweeted From SJL PE Faculty

          不要让SJL虚拟运动会你擦肩而过!只需要几分钟的时间来尝试一些事件,代表你的房子。截止周五条目10 //t.co/TGJnAjMQL4


          Joining us in September 2020? Keep alert for emails coming out this week with important updates. //t.co/zgnvtZ3lUI


          Retweeted From Crabtree Junior School

          Our fabulous ex-Crabtree pupils are here to talk to the year 6 children about life in secondary school Lovely to see ex pupils talk so confidently & a great boost for our year 6 before their transition to their new schools //t.co/PBgKRuz1Uz


          Dates for September 2020 return* are now available on school website //t.co/nCY6jzqOec (*subject to Government guidelines) //t.co/liQhN5SGUR


          这个星期的集会,主题是控制和影响交付给学生们通过沃尔顿先生“我们可以决定我们如何我们所面临的挑战。” //t.co/8WERBv0zG8


          Thought for the Week: Trusting each other Word of the Week: Fac //t.co/EW1avk0oCV


          加入我们,在2020年9月?我们的图书馆的工作团队期待着与您会面,他们已经把一个可喜的通讯有一些令人兴奋的活动,让学生参与,其中包括他们的海报设计比赛 //t.co/oZKTmScG0J //t.co/jfxBNcI4wT

          Governor Profiles

          A list of the relevant business and pecuniary interests for our Governing Body can be found here

          Claire 2
          Claire Robins OBE - Headteacher


          Ten years ago she became Headteacher and the school achieved an ‘outstanding’ OFSTED grading in 2008. She became an NLE (National Leader of Education) in 2009 and has led Sir John Lawes' work as Education Partner for the Bushey Academy, Samuel Ryder Academy and Sheredes School.

          S mundy
          Simon Mundy - Chair of Governors

          I started my working life as a scientist, took the opportunity to retrain as a solicitor and now work for the Government Legal Department. Close involvement with both Government Ministers and the work of Parliament has proved to be fascinating and genuinely illuminating of how our democracy works.

          经过4年在圣奥尔本斯迅速提高多文化小学州长,我欣然接受了这个机会,在SJL成为州长。在2016年采取的管理机构主席的角色之前,我花了十几年作为州长,然后副主席。而SJL已经看到在那个时候一些变化 - 成为基础的学校,然后一个学院,最终建立一个多学院的信任,SJL的核心价值和精神都在SJL王牌的形式不变。我继续我们的工作人员的奉献精神和我们的学生的辛勤工作和热情感到惊讶。

          Christopher Armitage


          Both my children were educated at Sir John Lawes. They are now both teachers so it must be in the blood!

          During my time on the Governing body I have served on several committees, been involved in capital build projects, represented the Site team, involved in the bid for our first Specialism, worked in the working groups when we faced closure! So my role has been varied and most enjoyable. Long may that continue.

          Jocelyn photo

          Jocelyn Angrave



          I set up and was chair of the Friends of SJL until last September.  Prior to that I volunteered at Crabtree School setting up and running the gardening club and school allotment for two years.  Before that I was on the After School Club committee at Manland School.



          L Gillot

          Lyndsay Gillot


          I am passionate about my work, hard-working, enthusiastic and always willing to go above and beyond - with a smile!

          S gupta 1
          Sanjay Gupta

          I have lived in Harpenden for 18 years and joined the SJL governing body about four years ago. In addition to being on the main governing body I am Chair of the Resources Committee. Before becoming a governor at SJL I was a parent governor at Grove Junior School.


          外面的工作,除了我的家人,我参与了当地的童子军和享受跑步,成就了伦敦马拉松赛在几年前。我也喜欢和几个朋友骑自行车 - 主要是很早就在星期天早晨!

          D hassall 1
          David Hassall

          I have a scientific background in biochemistry having obtained a PhD at the Royal Free Hospital, School of Medicine, University of London working on blood platelets.  Since then I have worked both in the academic and commercial environments in research and development during my career, including cardiovascular and respiratory based medicines.

          I am a parent governor and have been for the last six years, working on various aspects of teaching and learning for the school curriculum committee  and more recently as chair of the schools specialisms committee for media and science. I am married with three children, two of which have since left Sir John Lawes for University.

          Danielle heley
          Danielle Heley



          Libby Montgomery Jan2019

          Libby Montgomery



          I have a daughter at SJL and my son will be joining in September.  Outside of work, I assist our scout group with organising camps, taking care of all the equipment.  I am a keen squash player and regularly play for local and county teams, with varying degrees of success and now take longer to recover after a match than I ever did before!

          Rob Parkinson
          Rob Parkinson

          I have lived locally for 25 years and have two daughters at SJL. I joined as a parent governor in 2016.

          On completion of my degree in computing, I was a founding director of a local computer software company which was subsequently acquired by The Access Group and has gone on to become one of the top 20 British software businesses. I still work for the company within the area of cloud computing and IT security.

          之前被任命为总督我志愿到sauncey木小学。作为正常安排发出类的一部分,我教的所有关键阶段2名儿童计算机编码使用从无到有的Windows PC和Android使用谷歌的应用程序发明家移动设备。

          I look forward to using my computing and commercial skills to help support the school in delivering education for a changing world.

          Mike Stevens


          My older three children went to St Georges and the younger three to SJL - four of them are still studying at University. I am very excited to have been elected as a Parent Governor at SJL - the experience I have previously gained as Governor and from bringing up my own family will help me contribute to the work of the Governing body.

          I have worked in the Public sector throughout my career. I am currently involved in developing Government Policy on Justice and Home Affairs issues.

          那一点点“我的时间”我有,我的家人后,花费参与先进的驾驶人摩托车节协会的地方分支。我是一个热衷骑自行车的人 - 这是伟大的吹走蜘蛛网!

          Katy Wilmshurst
          Katy Wilmshurst


          I did a music degree at Manchester University followed by a performance diploma at the Royal Northern College of Music, then moved down to the bright lights of London with my now husband to work as a violinist. We moved to Harpenden in 2001 and I now work for the Hertfordshire Music Service as a violin teacher and freelance as a violinist.

          Jay Colston Patel - Head of School




          Ultimately, I hope to use this platform over the next year to maximise the school’s student voice and enhance student wellbeing, using my experiences as Form Rep, JLT Rep and House Captain to deliver the same excellent standards I have been immersed in right from my first day at SJL.

          Justine Jing - Head of School


          I am currently studying Maths, English, History and French, and hope to study Law at university.


          Something I particularly appreciate about SJL is its commitment to building links, not only internally, but also with other schools, all the way from a local to international level. Being able to teach French at a nearby primary school was just one personal example of this connectivity.

          SJL already has so much to value. Over the course of the next year, I hope to continue and add to the existing ethos of achievement, care, and excellence.

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